Fight Climate Change?

Fight Climate Change?
Lately I have been hearing a lot of people in powerful positions talking about fighting climate change. But from my perspective, being someone who grew up loving nature and always feeling like I was part of nature, this doesn’t make sense. The environment, the climate, and our planet are screaming for HELP.

This is not a war, but our acknowledgment that we may be failing as guardians of our planet. There is a root cause to every problem, and nothing will be accomplished if we follow this path of destructive, top down thinking. Maybe it is time that we allow ourselves to be part of nature, show our love and respect, and do what we can to preserve and protect the future of all life. Let me know what you are doing in your daily lives to love and nurture our beautiful world.

This year, Happie Balm will be donating a portion of all purchases to Reserva Playa Tortuga, a non-profit research center for sea turtle and environmental conservation in the Terraba-Sierpe basin of Costa Rica. Join our mission!

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