The Ingredient That's Causing A Stink

The Ingredient That's Causing A Stink
By now, we've all been trained to look at the ingredients in our food, household products and cosmetics, but there is one ingredient that is often overlooked- and it can cause a big stink. Fragrance.

Did you know that one fragrance can be made from any mix of around 3,000 chemicals, and the FDA does not require companies to list each ingredient? Instead, it can be listed under umbrella terms, like fragrance and parfum. Fragrance is responsible for causing dermatitis and other skin conditions, migraines, and even more adverse reactions, including respiratory, neurological and immune system problems.

What can we do?
Stick with natural options and companies who are 100% transparent with their ingredients. The more you can remove synthetic ingredients from your life, the more you can reduce the chances of serious health problems. There’s a growing trend of companies creating products that not only use natural, non-toxic ingredients, but ingredients that also offer therapeutic benefits, like essential oils.

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